Clickable’s Next Chapter: Integration Of Facebook And Search Advertising

One of Clickable’s core values is being an “AND” culture: we love product development (we have one of the world’s largest development teams on the Google, Yahoo and Microsoft APIs) and we love to sell. And we’re always looking for new ways to make online advertising more simple and effective. For example, our Clickable Pro tool allows marketers to manage and report on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft search advertising in a single, intuitive interface. Clickable Conversion Tracking allows them to track performance across search networks with a simple tag on their sites. And our Clickable Assist service provides agencies and direct advertisers with exactly the level of support that they need.

Everything we do at Clickable is driven by customer feedback. We listen to the data, and we let the market rip products out of us. We’ve been listening, and now we’re delivering what you want: the first live online solution that integrates both search and social media advertising. Beginning April 12, Clickable Pro users will have the ability to create pay-per-click Facebook ads in bulk, and to report on social media performance directly alongside search marketing. And our Clickable Assist team will start providing support for Facebook advertising as well. (You can preregister today at

Search and social advertising are complimentary. On Facebook, advertisers can be out ahead of the market. Every piece of information that a social networking user provides about themselves is an opportunity for marketers to learn about and target their audience: age and gender; college and occupation; hobbies and interests and relationship status. These are the raw materials with which to build targeting “personas,” every one a new potential customer. By introducing their products and services to social media users ― 400 million and growing on Facebook alone ― marketers are creating demand. Search marketing campaigns, optimized with the help of Clickable, will help them capture that demand.

We are thrilled to have Facebook as a partner. Based on our experience, Facebook has incredible talent and imagination, and an open and vibrant API development culture. Clickable will invest heavily in that culture, with the goal of simplifying social advertising success. In fact, we intend to bring social media advertising in concert with search marketing—providing a common experience, and a common source of online marketing success to our customers and partners.

As we have with search marketing, we are committing the entire Clickable team and culture to your success in advertising on Facebook. We look forward to your collaboration in building a perfect user experience.

David Kidder, Clickable CEO and Co-Founder