American Express Partners With Clickable To Transform Online Advertising For Businesses

It used to be our mission “to simplify online advertising.” About 18 months ago, after some serious cultural introspection, we changed our mission to a Purpose: “to help businesses survive and thrive by simplifying online advertising success.”

We did this largely because our work came to mean much more than developing market-leading advertising solutions. It became apparent that businesses were using Clickable because we were helping them grow. “Putting food on the table” and “keeping the lights on” were phrases many have used to describe their relationship with us. We take that seriously, and we needed words that connected the reality of our work to the hearts and minds of our amazing people.

For the past two years, we’ve strived to live up to our purpose and help thousands of advertisers and partners build their businesses with Clickable Pro, Assist and Platform. Today, we’re excited to announce one of the most exciting strategic partnerships in Clickable’s history—and what we believe will be one of the seminal online advertising events of this decade. We are taking our purpose to the community of American Express OPEN Cardmembers.

American Express OPEN is one of the world’s most prestigious brands, and the leading payment card issuer for small businesses in the United States. They are masters when it comes to customer satisfaction, and bringing their value proposition to businesses via world-class marketing. Today, they introduced their Cardmembers to a new online advertising solution: SearchManager, “powered by Clickable.”

SearchManager is a new tool for business owners that simplifies search engine advertising, helping them find new customers and increase sales. Based on Clickable’s flagship Pro tool, SearchManager provides immediate, single-point access to all major search engines, including Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter – even Facebook Ads. By eliminating the hassle of multiple logins and interfaces, SearchManager enables business owners to more effectively manage their campaigns, which can help drive greater efficiency and ROI on their advertising investments. SearchManager Assist includes the same benefits as SearchManager, and also helps small business owners fully outsource or jumpstart their online marketing with the help of a dedicated PPC advertising consultant. (You can read the news release here and visit the SearchManager site here.  Of course, Clickable will continue to serve our customers directly through our own brand as well.)

American Express OPEN brings two unique elements to SearchManager: knowledge of the small business space, and brand credibility that will help small business owners overcome the inertia and skepticism commonly associated with search advertising. And Clickable, a best-in-class search advertising software and services company, brings a culture of product development, innovation and simplicity. This is a game-changing alliance that will drastically alter the online advertising landscape, but it’s only the beginning.

Our long-term goal at Clickable is to create an Open Advertising Platform, one that integrates every major online advertising network and gives marketers the ability to deploy ads in every format and on every channel. Partnering with American Express is a significant step toward that goal, and we will continue to seek partners who can white-label and deploy Clickable under their own brand. We intend to continue building and reinvesting in our platform, and we are poised to add 100 more people to our team in the next 12 months. If you’d like to join this exciting effort, let us know.

Finally, I’m humbled and so incredibly proud of the Clickable team, as well as our counterparts at American Express. These world-class professionals have worked tirelessly over the past year to bring this partnership together, and launch an extraordinary new product and service. Together, we are bringing businesses a simple solution that empowers them to survive and thrive in online advertising.

Warm regards,
David Kidder
Clickable Co-Founder & CEO