American Express and Clickable Expand Online Marketing Platform Partnership From Middle Market to Local

Today is a big day at Clickable.

One year ago we announced our pivotal partnership with American Express OPEN. With a shared vision of “helping businesses thrive,” we launched SearchManager, a solution to help businesses simplify their search and social advertising, and improve performance. American Express brought to the table a unique knowledge of small businesses along with brand credibility. Clickable, a best-in-class advertising SaaS company, brought a culture of product development, innovation and simplicity. Since the inception of SearchManager, we’ve helped thousands of businesses launch and improve their advertising campaigns across Google, Bing and Facebook.

SearchManager addresses businesses in the small and middle markets, ones typically investing several thousand dollars in monthly online ad spend. However, it’s always been our vision to deliver an online marketing platform that addresses the needs of marketers at every stage, of every size, and across every major online channel. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce today the expansion of our platform to small, local businesses.

Enter “YourBuzz from American Express OPEN,” a full-service platform targeting local, small business owners with tools that help them establish and manage their online presence, shape the conversation about their business and build customer relationships through a variety of social networks and directories. I encourage you tosign up and see for yourself!

Powered by Clickable, YourBuzz takes advantage of our open source platform, and launches today with the integration of eight leading social networks and local business directories. Our initial partners include: Bing, Citysearch, Facebook, Foursquare, Superpages, Twitter, Yahoo and Yelp. Working closely with these partners, we have created a robust, consolidated platform that maximizes the strengths of each network.

We will aggressively expand these API partnerships in the coming months — introducing new functionality and exposing new opportunities to help businesses grow. We also plan to introduce new partners to the YourBuzz platform to widen our footprint into key verticals and new types of online marketing services to power small businesses, like offers and coupons and more.

One exciting aspect about YourBuzz is that American Express is able to offer it free to small businesses. We believe in the power of a freemium model, and by giving away valuable utility to customers, we are empowering, educating and growing with customers until they are ready to allocate marketing budgets that they know will achieve business results. For more product details, please see the official news release.

Again, YourBuzz is a major milestone toward our long-term goal of creating an open marketing platform that integrates every major online channel and gives businesses — of all types and sizes — valuable tools for growth. American Express is a growing partner in achieving that goal, and we will continue to seek partners to deploy Clickable under their own brands.

Finally, I continue to be humbled and incredibly proud of the Clickable team, along with our counterparts at American Express. We will continue to collaborate, invent and deliver world-class solutions that help businesses thrive.