Clickable and Syncapse United

Today we are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Clickable by Syncapse.

The combined company forms one of the most significant enterprise platforms focused on Social Performance Management. It becomes the premier platform for global brands, delivering end-to-end social intelligence across paid, owned and earned media. We now have over 220 employees, and one of the largest R&D teams dedicated to creating solutions to solve complex brand challenges. With offices in New York, London, Toronto, Portland and India, Syncapse stands as one of the largest independent players in the social media management category. Check out the news release for more details.

This year has ushered in many extraordinary changes to the digital advertising technology landscape, but one change has stood out: social engagement, content, and advertising have become inextricably linked, and are becoming more intertwined every day. What makes the combination special is Syncapse’s advanced ability to offer a fully integrated social solution that overcomes the vast complexities of large enterprises in a performance framework. The holy grail is when marketers can fully understand the return on their social investments, and continually make better decisions for the future. Syncapse empowers marketers with a single sign-on location to manage, amplify, and understand their consumer relationships.
Lastly, this is a transformational day for the team at Clickable. After five years building Clickable, I simply cannot express my profound gratitude to this extraordinary team.  You are all bold, courageous, and inspired leaders. I am so deeply proud of who you are today based on our experience together, and who you are becoming in this next chapter with Syncapse.  With ‘pathological optimism’ and burning drive, we’ll power this next chapter in the combined company’s future.
Warm Regards,
David Kidder, Clickable CEO and Co-Founder