The Intellectual Devotional – American History

United States history is an epic tale nearly three centuries long, and the American History edition of The Intellectual Devotional provides lessons in nearly every aspect of it. After devoting a year to the 365 entries in our latest edition, you’ll be conversant with our nation’s past as it has unfolded in seven diverse fields: Politics & Leadership, War & Peace, Rights & Reform, Business, Building America, Literature and Art.

Refresh your memory on the details of the Watergate scandal; review the sometimes tragic and sometimes triumphant history of the conflicts that have shaped America; watch the progress of civil rights from the Middle Passage to the Voting Rights Act; and reacquaint yourself with the fruits of American ingenuity-its extraordinary inventions, great art and innovative literature. The newest Intellectual Devotional provides lessons in all of these topics and many, many more. A great addition to your shelf, and another year of instruction and inspiration.