The Intellectual Devotional – General Edition

Millions of Americans keep bedside books of prayer and meditative reflection-collections of daily passages to stimulate spiritual thought and advancement. The Intellectual Devotional is a secular version of the same-a collection of 365 lessons that will inspire and invigorate the reader every day of the year. Each nugget of wisdom is drawn from one of seven fields of knowledge: History, Literature, Philosophy, Mathematics & Science, Religion, Visual Arts, and Music.

Impress your friends by explaining the meaning of Plato’s “Cave Allegory,” pepper your cocktail party conversation with opera terms, solve math problems using the FOIL method. These lessons range from important passages in literature to basic principles of physics, from pivotal events in history to images of famous paintings with accompanying analysis. The book’s goal is to refresh knowledge you’ve forgotten, bring to light fresh insights, and exercise modes of thinking that are ordinarily neglected once our school days are behind us. Offering an escape from the daily grind to contemplate higher things, The Intellectual Devotional is a great way to awaken in the morning or recharge oneself before retiring in the evening.