The Intellectual Devotional – Modern Culture

There are few more powerful sources of influence than the popular culture-those people, works of art, ideas, and phenomena that capture the collective imagination. With the advent of mass media in the twentieth century, that influence has only grown-the television shows we grew up with, the films that touched us, the music that formed the soundtrack of our lives. The study of our modern culture is essential to understanding common frames of reference. These readings offer a nostalgic and entertaining immersion in the most enduring cultural touchstones of the past 100 years.

Like our previous devotionals, these readings offer regular stimulation for the mind, a refreshing escape, and an education in critical realms of knowledge. Each entry is an in-depth treatment of the subject, yet easily digestible in one sitting. From the Slinky to Star Wars; Beatlemania to Babe Ruth; flappers to fascism-refreshing your memory and dazzling your friends has never been easier, or more fun.