The Playbooks

Take a journey through the raw experiences of some of the world’s top entrepreneurs. Understand the “Plays” behind their extraordinary success, and all successful leaders and companies – small and large – have in common. This inspiring talk will ‘lift the veil’ to reveal the secret beliefs that guide the lives and decisions of some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. It’s profound learning.

Creating Your Startup Culture

Every great startup begins with a Purpose, Mission and set of beliefs that creates a prism through which every decision and action is refracted. Reimagine your company’s culture by learning about the traits of the most successful startups. Gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and learn how to incorporate new ideas, beliefs and incentives that will make your company move faster, innovate, and take on grand market challenges.

Building Your Company’s Playbook

Review the “best of” the plays and learn how to create a new playbook for your company. Understand and balance your company’s explicit and implicit playbook – the invisible walls and behaviors that drive success of create friction. Define and embed the missing playbook behaviors that will have the most profound impact on your organization.

Leveraging the “Best of” the Plays

The Startup Playbook has a trove of practical wisdom across every dimension of business – Vision, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Strategic Development, Partnerships and more. Experience a custom review of the agile ideas that shaped and formed these companies to great scale.

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