Clickable and Syncapse United

Today we are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Clickable by Syncapse. The combined company forms one of the most significant enterprise platforms focused on Social Performance Management. It becomes the premier platform for global brands, delivering end-to-end social intelligence across paid, owned and earned media. We now have over 220 employees, and one of the largest R&D teams dedicated to creating solutions to solve complex brand challenges. With offices in New York, London, Toronto, Portland and India, Syncapse stands as one of the largest independent players in the social media management category. Check out the news release for more details. This year has ushered in many extraordinary changes to the digital advertising technology landscape, but one change has stood… Read More →

Clickable’s Perspective and Commitments in 2009

As we were closing the books on 2008 this past week, both literally and figuratively, my co-founder Munish Gandhi and I spent some time reflecting on the past year. We discussed the scope of Clickable’s offering today compared to our original intentions. We reviewed the lessons learned from conversations with our customers, partners and investors. We considered the worsening economy’s impact on search advertising, and much else. Because we’re committed to transparent and meaningful conversations with our customers and our community, we’d love to share these reflections with you. More than anything, we’d love to hear your feedback. I’ll be frank: for everyone at Clickable, 2008 was simply exhausting, if often exhilarating. We completed the commercial release of Clickable Pro… Read More →

We Raised $14.5 Million in Funding to Complete the Transformation of Managing Online Advertising with the Power of Simplicity

When you set out to build a company, you never really know what you have until your third year – if you get to year three. That’s why when we started Clickable over two years ago, we didn’t even spend five minutes writing a grand mission or vision. We simply focused on solving one distinct problem: the complexity in online advertising.  We’re still deeply committed to solving this problem every day, week and month. We’ve now grown from two co-founders to over 65 incredible people in less than twenty-four months, and raised over $22.5 million in growth capital in the last twelve. There are many factors that prevent startups from discovering market potential: macro market uncertainties; deep founder and investor… Read More →