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How Companies Can Innovate Like Entrepreneurs And Invest Like VCs



David Kidder has a unique understanding of how to scale innovation. His team at Bionic brings grit, candor and just the right amount of sharp provocation to help leaders develop an agile mindset and accelerate in today’s need-for-speed world.

Linda Boff, CMO of GE

Deploying David Kidder’s Growth Operating system at Citi was a game changer. His powerful and compelling case for change hit home. Our leaders stepped into the urgent need to learn new skills and new ways of working in order to bring relevant new products and services to our customers.

Debbie Hopkins, Former CEO of Citi

David Kidder and his team at Bionic offer innovative and powerful ways for legacy companies to create entirely new legacies.

Pauline Brown, Former Chairperson, LVMH North America

Q+A with David Kidder



With passion and unbridled candor, David and Bionic team deliver not just the “Growth Operating System tools” but the ability to spark a new way of thinking among ‘co-founders’ and provoking large Enterprises to do things very differently. With energy and conviction, they break through deeply ingrained, change resistant routines. And create change that is infectious and enduring.

Jud Linville, CEO, Citi Cards, Citi

An Interview with Entrepreneur David Kidder


CEOs Should Think Like Founders, Not Just Managers

Harvard Business Review


David Kidder came to speak at our EY 5×2 office in NYC and lit up the room with his energetic style and engaging dialogue. David talked about his new book, New to Big–going on offense and embracing entrepreneurial thinking to discover new ideas and turning them into big business. Great Keynote, everyone loved him—he’s got EY buzzing!!

Herb Engert, New York City Managing Partner, EY

Working with David Kidder and the Bionic team gives teams the energy, tools, and, most importantly, the courage to innovate and scale new growth.

Beth Comstock, Former Vice Chair, GE

David Kidder is a master at getting people to reveal themselves. He gets them to expose things about themselves–and to distill lessons from their experiences–that no one else has been able to do.

Laurel Touby, Founder,

David was one of the earliest champions of Venture for America and donated his time, resources, and expertise for no other reason than that he loves entrepreneurs and believes in them. I will always be grateful to David. His vision and support helped forge Venture for America into the national organization it is today. He is a class act and one of the best people I know. And I know a lot of people.

Andrew Yang, Founder, Venture for America

David Kidder is an amazing entrepreneur who believes in sharing social and financial capital to encourage a new generation of entrepreneurs to work on solving the world’s toughest problems.

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO, Acumen

The “New to Big” Growth Operating System is what the big-company world needs RIGHT now.  I have seen it in action, and it simply works. Christina’s and David’s book will change your growth mindset—and your leadership behavior.  Plus, it is a joy to read.

Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer, P&G

David Kidder brings both a writer’s mind and a startup veteran’s urgency to an entertaining and useful trip inside the minds of today’s most successful creators of organizations–both for profit and for purpose.

David Kirkpatrick, Founder & CEO, Techonomy Media

New to Big presents a blueprint for anyone in a large organization to start thinking about a structured approach to innovation.

Owen Davis, Venture Partner, Contour Ventures

New To Big is a great how-to book for change leaders seeking to drive scalable, profitable growth in big companies, reminding us how to use deep questioning, masterful listening, and a learning culture to discover the ‘commercial truth’!

Kate Johnson, President, Microsoft U.S

By shedding light on the insights of top entrepreneurial minds, David Kidder breaks down the secrets to startup success in simple and actionable terms…

Jennifer Fleiss, Cofounder, Rent the Runway

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