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David Kidder is an experienced international speaker. He has lead keynotes, participated in panels, hosted fireside chats, given presentations to the C-suites of Fortune 500 companies. He is a regular guest on webinars, podcast interviews, dinner events, and focus forums. Because of his core belief that any organization or enterprise must develop a growth mindset, David is able to speak at the world’s largest companies and at non-profits, at private events and at conferences, and in both small and large groups. He is engaging visionary who speaks with clarity and passion.

David speaks on a variety of subjects, including:

The Growth OS:

What is the Growth Operating System, and what is its impact? This keynote speaks to the power of the Growth OS when implemented at the executive level of the world’s most competitive companies. It demonstrates the game-changing transformations that occur when big companies make the choice to grow new to big, not big to bigger.

From Executive to Growth Leader:

A shift in an executive’s mindset can radically shift an entire organization. Based on his years of experience in collaborative mindset development at the C-suite level of Fortune 500 companies, David reveals the ten mindsets that transform an executive into a growth leader.

The Startup Playbook:

Through his work in serial entrepreneurship, angel investing, and literally writing the playbook on startups, David has identified the five lenses of entrepreneurship that either lead to a startup’s success or kill a project in its tracks.


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